Thursday, July 18, 2013

3:49 PM
Nerdbux Scam or Legitimate and Lasting PTC?

So the cycle continues. New PTC in, new PTC out, within the last several months there have been quite a bit of new paid-to-click sites. As usual, there have been many with plenty of promise and they have come and gone. Clixzoo, Finalbux, Goobux, FinePTC, JSSBux, and many more have come and gone. Euro piñata, yet another site that gained fast popularity has fallen into debt due to its business model. Although I do believe, the admin genuinely cares for the members of his site and claims he will pay everyone no matter what it takes. Will it actually happen? A safe bet would be no.  

Then there is The Bux, a site which might be the most popular among new PTC sites. It has seemingly hit a wall and has been forced to reduce payments withdrawals to $250 per day. I applaud the efforts by the admin, as he claims he is trying to catch up on payments and it is the only way to make the site stable before returning to instant payments. He's also been in constant communication with his members and has been upfront about what to expect including changes/updates and the status of the site. Probux is yet another hot PTC site, generating attention for all the right reasons as well as the wrong. Depending on where you read about Probux, you will get mixed signals. Some claim they were cheated out of referral clicks, others claim Probux banned their account upon payment request etc. However, it should be noted that Probux is still known as a paying site and is almost online for a year. I can probably spend the next five paragraphs breaking down new PTC sites and unfortunately less than a handful would probably still be in existence or hanging on by a thread.
PTC is Risky business

What is the point here? Using paid-to-click sites comes with a risk. This really is not a clean cut safe way to earn money online. I always go out of my way to tell people not to upgrade using their own money. You do not want to lose your money. That is never fun. You also do not want to waste your time. Being that, sites come and go; it is extremely important to be aware of the risks involved before joining. It also depends on the site; a more established site is obviously more inclined to reward you for your trust. I normally do not suggest joining new sites without observing their status for a while. Sometimes I personally do not join a site until three or six months is up. However, I took no time jumping in on Nerdbux.

Is Nerdbux here to stay?

A brand new PTC site with all the promise as the usual suspects mentioned above (and those I let off the hook). I will get into why and what makes Nerdbux different in a moment, but first I want to mention the importance of joining paid-to-click sites at an earlier time. This is of course a major risk factor, being that you have no idea if the site is going to last. However, with that aside for a moment, many people who have been involved in ptc sites for some time are more inclined to joining new sites quickly. The reason for this is because of the benefits you receive as a new member. Sometimes there are bonuses for referring new members, as the site wants to grow. The click rate is always higher in the early stages of a newly launched PTC site, because the site may be looking to entice new members to join. The number one reason though, is that gaining direct referrals is much easier with a new site than it is with an old established site, especially if promoted within the PTC community. Think about it, if you are already clicking ads, and you see ads for a new site repeatedly, eventually you might be more inclined to sign up, being that you are seeing it so much.

Here’s why I like Nerdbux...

An established company runs Nerdbux. Established meaning they have been in the business of advertising since 2001. They have been paying members across their many services for the last 11 years. This is not your run of the mill, fly by night, hit and run Bux site. Some of you are probably familiar with Timtech’s services. Some of their websites include,,, and Nerdbux is just an extension of their business; Timtech represents quality services in a quantity environment. Most websites in their business do not last half as long and they have built a brand with more than a handful still going strong. They have certainly established themselves as trustworthy. Based on their past success, it is a safe bet that Nerdbux is meant for longevity. That is certainly refreshing in the ptc industry.

The inner workings of Nerdbux.

If I had to mention any downfalls to Nerdbux, it would be that the site isn’t bringing anything new to the table. It’s the same old PTC Evolution script that have run rampant within the last year or so. Similar sites include The Bux, Goldenclix, and Northclicks. It will also be interesting to see how the site maintains stability going forward. Currently there are only three ways to earn, clicking ads, micro jobs and playing the grid game, which gives you the opportunity to win up to $2.00 every 25 attempts daily. You can expect to earn 4 cents daily as a standard member with 0 referrals if all you do is click.

Benefits of becoming a member

Rent referrals - You can rent referrals for as low as $1.00. 5 to be exact, and 10 for $2.00. Doing this early is also smart because many members are going to be active on this site as it is brand new.

Upgrade your account – If this is something that interests you it’s $50.00 for the year and benefits include unlimited rented referrals, $2.00 cash out rather than the standard $4.00, 100 % on referral clicks rather than 50 %.

Unlimited direct referrals – Refer as many members as you possibly can, there is no limit on the amount of clickers you can bring along. As stated above you will earn half of the ad value per click as a standard member.

Members invited worldwide – There are no restrictions for anyone to participate on Nerdbux. The site opens its doors to people across the globe. This is great for referring members; you do not need to target a specific demographic.

Advertise your site as low as $2.00 – Banner advertising cost as low as $2.00 other forms of advertising Nerdbux are Micro Jobs, Paid to click ads, and Fixed ads as low as $15.00.

Cash out via PayPal or Payza - as low as $2.00 as an upgraded member and $4.00 as a standard member. Payments are processed on a daily basis.

Nerdbux Forum – All PTC sites should have a forum, this is where all members can communicate with the administrator and moderators of the site. Pay close attention to the news within the forum and popular threads for an indication on the sites health.

Whois is Public – This is a big deal. Most PTC sites operate under a private Whois.

Payment Proof - January 8, 2014 

Update - Here's a list of recent changes made by Nerdbux  per the Admin.

Reduced the max number of Rented Referrals for upgraded members to 2,000

Reduced the max number of Direct Referrals for upgraded members to 200

Reduced the amount free members earn per referral click to 30%

Added a cap to the amount of money the membership can withdraw a day

Time period between renting referrals for all membership levels is now 7 days

Time period between cashout for upgraded members is now 5 days

Time period between cashout for free members is now 10 days

Many of these changes have upset many of the site's members for obvious reasons. Please consider these changes before joining.

Update (End of March 2014) - Unfortunately Nerdbux has suffered the same fate as the majority of "promising" paid to click sites. No more PayPal. It's the beginning of the end for Nerdbux, even if they get a new payment processor. I seen this way too many times. I personally believed this site would last at least 5 years. It doesn't look good now, I'd recommend avoiding it from here on out. Keep in mind, that this does not make Nerdbux a scam, people are always quick to label a site. The site failed to live up to it's expectations and the Timtech reputation, that's all any of us can factually say. It was good while it lasted, and its too bad its suffering this fate.


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  2. nice site :) congrats!

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    1. Thank you, nice site of yours as well. Yes, Ayuwage is probably my highest earning and favorite PTC site.

  3. I was a member with Nerbux, but I did not like the frequency of micro ads. The pace is slow and I believe you can make money however, time is an essence.

    I really hate Neobux. They have never given me anything above .01 cent.

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  5. Nerdbux link:

    My experience with Nerdbux has been quite pleasant so far. I made $5.00 with 100 referrals today, which was by far my best. I have not yet upgraded my account, but will do so once I have reached $50 as it is good for 1 year and allows for nice benefits at a cheap price comapred to most other PTC sites.

    I would advice signing up ( and investing nothing, or a small amount you can afford (say $5.00) in rented referrals and take it from there. I have a crazy-good batch of referrals where over 90% are active. As long as you keep your initial investment low, there is very LOW RISK in Nerdbux and potential REWARDS.

    Sign up for yourself and try for FREE by clicking this referral link and let me know how everything goes:

  6. Very good post! Nerdbux's design was based on the experience of its owners and it will succeed. For a strategy with Nerdbux, pls. visit

    1. they make hype themselves sound much bigger than they really are, why believe everything the owners and their group of promoters say yes they have a group of promoters... its crazy to believe it

    2. TimTech is an established company paying for over 11 years. There's the reason for believing any hype. Listen, I agree, don't believe everything you read, that goes for TimTech as well. However, I'd much rather take my chances with a company that has a proven track record over a fly by night bux site. On this blog I try to provide legitimate paying websites, is Nerdbux not that?

    3. Established??? This is what they say about themselves, and it's being parroted by people who know not better.

      ----------->>>>> TIMTECH IS ONLY A COUPLE YEARS OLD! <<<<<<----------


      NOT 11 years old.

      Before that, only a couple of them owned their own website - seperately. Tim L. and Jon O.

      Paying? Do you not see how they are getting the money? Fake member counts? Fake rented referrals?

      Ask yourself that. It is so unethical.

    4. You completely dismissed the main point, they have been in the advertising business for over 11 years. They have been paying people for over 11 years without any major problems. FACT. Nerdbux is a PTC site, therefore you will always have people unhappy. Where is there any proof that all you mentioned is fake? All my rented referrals click on a daily basis, I have yet to have a single problem with Nerdbux. See the payment proof. Are they paying? If you don't like the way their business model operates, or if you have strong suspicions of all that you say, no one is forcing you to join. No one forces you to spend any money, if you use the system the the right way, you will not lose any money. Use all PTC sites with caution, what ptc site pleases everyone? People have problems with Neobux and Clixsense, lol seriously. If you are not happy with it, do not contribute to it.

    5. you're one of the lucky ones then. ...numerous people are posting about this and putting in complaints at scam websites. Check the forums. I would tell you to check their forum but they are constantly deleting posts and members for posting about this very topic. NO WAY did I join. I already knew better from their fake member counts on their other sites. i love clixsense and neobux

  7. nerdbux is scam now..
    they manipulate RR and the earning reduce 80%..
    the reason is because of holiday etc…
    but the true is they use RR robot, because 99% of my RR was clicking but the earning reduced to 20%…
    from my calculation each of my RR only click 1 ads everyday…
    NERDBUX scam…
    to Nerdbux admin, just stop make fool to us with your black friday and christmas holiday theory…shame on you…

    1. Everyone always says rented referrals are bots about every good ptc site, including Neobux, which is probably the most trusted paid to click in the history of ptic. They always say this as soon as their referrals stop clicking.....why is it so hard to believe that it is just a human who has grown tired of clicking ads? Getting referrals for ptc is not hard, but getting active referrals is a whole other ball game. When you rent referrals it is the same game. You have no way of knowing if they will click or not. Some do some don't. Some stay some go. The bottom line is Nerdbux is paying. I have many rented referrals still clicking, every day since the holiday special. Earning reductions are just apart of paid to click, get used to that as well. No site can maintain such high click rates. Enjoy that while they are new.

  8. Very interesting post! Nerdbux is a new PTC site created by Timtech, an honest company. For info about a winning strategy for Nerdbux, pls. visit

    1. honest company??? [-(
      they are professional cheaters... ;(

    2. read below..

  9. Nerdbux is scam... i will try to get back my money through Paypal dispute...

    1. Please explain how they are scam? They are paying, I receive many PayPal payments from them, one just as recent as yesterday. What happened with your situation? I am interested so we can possibly prevent others from making same mistakes...

  10. They are scam because they fake their member count. 100% true. Many many know this. It makes members buy rented referrals that are fake, the program does fake click, and advertisers think they buy real clicks from real members

    1. How is that 100 % true? Can you prove it? I am not stating whether it is true or not, however, what you are saying is nothing more than an accusation without proof. All my rented referrals are active and clicking daily, this is 100 % true. Nerdbux is Paying this is also 100 % true, see payment proof in post. BTW, No one makes any member buy anything, the member chooses to make purchases at his or her own discretion. Use all Paid to Click sites with caution.

    2. I have eyes and saw it for myself when I heard about it. for several weeks, if one picked a specific time in the day, and go to the site at the specific time and look how many members joined so far that day. It is the same amount every time. To us = it is programmed in to fake count. I am not the only one who saw this. They pay because they have members who pay them for these rented referrals and advertisers who pay them who think it is real. I did not say they did not pay but in the end, this will be obvious it is alot fake. It is as absurd as a ponzi scheme. Lots will lose. The counter has changed the past couple of days so maybe they see these posts and stopped but damage already done.

    3. I appreciate your informative comment explaining your hands on experience. I have many doubts about the inner workings of most paid to click sites. However, I believe the most important part is that people are getting paid. I can not verify your statement as 100 % true, neither can you. No system is perfect, for the record, I would never fully trust any PTC, or any paying website for that matter. It's still an easy way to make money online. Don't put in more than you take out. I have used many PTC over last several years. I have never been burnt once. Be smart about your choices.

    4. Good advice. I would also go very slow about spending on ads and rented referrals, test how it goes before assuming they are real and spend much money.

  11. NerdBux started out nicely but then ran into trouble in December. Click activity dropped drastically and they made drastic changes without notice and explanation causing members to loose money. Then they started suspending accounts when people complained leaving many with no way to recoup their money. TimTech essentially stole money from many of its members through this tactic. The people at TimTech are dishonest and they are ripping people off.

    1. Finally people are waking up to that

    2. I hate the changes too! However, I can't say I'm surprised. This happens with every PTC site with any bit of potential and promise. When I first wrote this article, I pointed out that I thought Nerdbux was worth the risk, not that it was a guarantee gold mine. It's PTC, nothing ever is. Anyone paying attention understands this fully. There are also 2 sides to every story, not that I believe every thing the admin and mods say, but there is supposedly a lot of cheating going on. No surprise there either. Hopefully, with some time things will change for the better. All PTC sites go through this, only the honest ones survive if they make smart choices. At least they are still paying.

    3. Just a bit of info to help out people and their opinions before joining NerdBux.

      1) Banned for asking repeatedly what is going wrong.
      2) Admin lies and says nothing is wrong.Also stays silent for days when confronted.
      3) RR clicks have gone for skiing down-slope.
      4) Deletes specific posts that shows the public their intentions to scam.
      5) We've reached the daily payout limit, please try again tomorrow. (SINCE WHEN)
      6) Added 2% tax on cashout
      7) No Compensation for problems like PTC Solution does.
      8) Their support Ticket(s) has never been answered to this date.

      Would you think about joining them now?

    4. I would still join, I wouldn't invest any substantial amount of money though, not that I ever do anyway, I don't fully trust any ptc website. I would be patient and see if they work out their problems. I was paid as recent as January 8th. I don't like the changes but I'm also not one of those to run around screaming the sky is falling either. My RR clicks are fine by the way, I just don't like the cap. Keep in mind that not everything that goes wrong is a scam. It's not easy to run a ptc website. Anyone who uses paid to click sites should be fully aware of these types of situations and failures. If your looking for something more long term and steady, use sites like BuxP, Clixsense, Ayuwage, and Neobux.

  12. Now they are giving people 8 seconds in a day (according to ptccentral) to request payouts. It was also limited to a 1000 cash paid out a day, now it is 500 cash (total paid out a day). Everyone glad they paid outrageous prices for those yearly or lifetime upgrades?

  13. This sites total crap along with any timtech or timtech supported site why anyone does business with them anymore just floors me. STOP BUY TRASH FROM THEM!

  14. Nerdbux is going to be SCAM , check below

  15. "Current payout limit reached, Please try again later" That's their favourite when I treid to cash out 5 times a day for four days. They say it's a daily limit, that's a lot of BUL#@$&. They are a big yoke on themselfes and just poor SCAMMING thieves!!!!

  16. To check whether a site is legit usually, I do follow a simple checklist to see how well they do.

    1) Use to check the whois information and check whether the contact information matches with the one in the website.
    2) In the domain contact details, is there a valid email address.
    3) Is there a valid phone number visible, and does it work ?
    4) Go through review about them using and check whether they are scam free.

    I followed the above steps for and found that they are very safe but found certain unsatisfactory user reviews.

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