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A Little Help from your Friends at - Why content is king and how freelance writers can keep your blog active for you.

Are you a brand new blogger? Are you just starting out in your niche? If you are, hopefully you understand that content is king. While this is a general statement, it is the first thing that all serious bloggers should acknowledge. Especially, if you hope that one day blogging becomes a professional endeavor. If this is the case, knowing that content is king ahead of time, will make your efforts much more rewarding.
Unfortunately, most people do not have the time needed to keep their blog constantly up to date with high quality/high ranking search engine content. This is especially true when just starting out. If you are looking to rank high in search engines, you are going to need plenty of content on your site. Quality content is of course equally important if not more important, but to get yourself established as a consistent blogger, having more articles on your blog is always beneficial.
Perhaps time is not the issue for you, but writing is just not your number one strength, as we all have different strengths and weaknesses. If this is the case, it is perfectly understandable that writing consistently and keeping your blog up to date is simply out of the question. Thankfully, whether you struggle with writing, or do not have the time to do it, there is a solution. 
This is where sites like come in to help - Hire quality writers to write articles and other content for your website
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If you are someone who has experienced outsourcing for articles, you probably know that finding people that you can count on is not always as easy as it sounds. Even if you happen to know a few people, are they delivering the quality articles you need? This is exactly what makes Hirewriters your new best friend. Let them provide the top-notch writers for you! Joining Hirewriters provides you with access to thousands of native English speaking writers who are each categorized by their writing ability. There are four different skill levels and they are Beginer, General, Skilled, and Expert. The price that you pay for your content is based on the skill level of the writer and the length of the article. Signing up is 100 % free and you can start buying content as low as $1.50. Of course, like anything else, you get what you pay for but for as low as $7.00 you can get an article written by an Expert level writer. The choice is up to you, and if you are not satisfied with the work, you do not have to pay. At you only pay for what you want to keep, as they are extremely dedicated to customer service. However, keep in mind that most writers behind the article provided are also hard working people and they should be treated as such. It is not hard to tell if someone put a valid effort into an article and those who do should always be compensated for their work.
Buying high quality content is not limited to written articles. Other services include having your own articles rewritten and proofread, ghost writing, copy writing, product descriptions and Email swipe /Auto-responder creation. Are you using Facebook to expand your business yet? Do not be left behind when it comes to social network marketing. Hire freelance writers to write articles and create content for your Facebook Fanpage Posts, hire an expert level writer for as low as $2.50 per post.
Overview of Hirewriters as a client

Signing up is 100 % free – Pay for the service you desire, detail and submit the kind of article you need and set what level of writer you require for your job. Prices vary on the skill of the writer you require to write your article, and on word count. Buy content for your website for as low as $1.50. - New article pricing
Current pricing for new articles at

Once a writer accepts to take on your job, they have 24 hours to complete it. Review the article and if required you can ask for a revision. Ultimately, if you are not happy with the article you do not have to accept it.
All articles are automatically checked using Copyscape to ensure originality before you receive them.
You can have complete control over who writes your articles – Filter search results more specifically geared toward the kind of writer you need for the content you want. Find writers more appropriate for the content you are looking for. You can also block certain writers from accepting your jobs.

Don't slack on your SEO!

Don’t let writers block prevent you from dominating the search engines. Don’t slack on your content and don’t slack on your SEO. is great for anyone looking to consistently maintain their blog without necessarily having the time to do it themselves. It is also great for new bloggers looking to jumpstart on SEO, take it from me, creating quality content yourself can become a job all on its own. Having a little help from your friends at Hirewriters can be the difference in your blog being a lonely link in Google and a link that cannot get enough attention.

Are you a writer? Get paid to write content that is always in demand. - Get paid to write articles

Hirewriters also pays freelance writers to write content. Currently at this time, you can earn as high as $20.00 per article once you become an established writer. As stated throughout this post, your earnings are based on your skill level. Bonus payments from clients are a possibility, if they choose to do so upon providing them with good work. Build relationships with clients unlike some other content services online. Get paid weekly every Friday via PayPal, but don’t expect to earn $20.00 per article right out of the gate. A realistic way to look at this is starting out with lower earnings per article until you establish yourself as a trustworthy candidate. Like most things in life, you have to crawl before you walk. However, if you are a skilled writer, you should have no trouble establishing yourself sooner than later. Here is an important tip, as a writer it is extremely important that you pay close attention to the clients offering jobs. Look at their approval rate and the number of articles they have accepted and have rejected. This will give you a great indication if the client is trustworthy and committed to pay you for your hard work. On the other hand, make sure that when you accept jobs that you do not give them junk. Give them something worth the price they are willing to pay.

It should be noted that I personally have yet to write for However, I look to in the coming weeks and upon receiving my first payment, I will detail my experience as a writer for them. has been online and paying for over a year now, and all signs are pointing to this being a decent opportunity to generate a side income online.


  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2013 at this time has ZERO work available on their assignment listings. WOW!! If this is a major company for article writing, then they are slacking in the work department.

    1. I have to agree with you, they are slacking quite a bit right now in the writing jobs department! On July 3, when I first posted this there were hundreds. They also have been consistently providing jobs for their members for over a year. Don't count them out quite yet! Thank you for the heads up, hopefully they turn things back around quickly. I will contact them and see what's going on. If you are looking for a major company for article writing, check out textbroker and constant content. :)

    2. For any future readers of this post who may be concerned with the status of writing jobs at I have recently contacted them about the issue of available work for writers. Within 2 or 3 hours upon sending my email, one of the co-founders of the site Brandon, replied with the following message:

      Hi, Jobs are a bit scarce right now, but actually we are doing more jobs than ever. The issue is we have so many writers now, that the jobs are snapped up almost instantly. We usually have about 200 new jobs per day... things should start picking up more in the next month or so here though.

      HireWriters Support

      In a few follow-up emails, he also went on to say that in the future, they are looking to implement a tougher screening into the signup process.

      Being that they have a massive amount of writer signups on daily basis, this will ensure that they provide a higher standard of quality writers available to their clients. This is for the best and it should improve the quality and credibility of the site.

      It is also worth mentioning that they are unsure if this will affect current members who have signed up prior to the future screening. However, if it does affect anyone it will only affect writers with a “beginner” status. As always, if you have a problem with the service or the direction of the site, you do not have to use it. If you are looking for other writing opportunities, please feel free to contact me as I may be able to help. I also look to post about other opportunities in regards to writing for a side income in the future.

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    1. Theme is at the bottom of the page....For more info or any help message me. I'd be glad to give you some input. You just starting your shirt site? Lots of work ahead....

  3. I posted 2 jobs and no writer accept it and for the price i offered, it is pretty decent. 1$ per 100words