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Have you Passed on these Potential "Paid to Click" Goldmines?   

Across the web, there are many earning opportunities. Some are decent, some opportunities take investing a bit of our time and money, some none at all, and of course, some are in the end much more lucrative than others are. Going about finding programs to join that are of the latter which are worth investing our time and sometimes even our money is truly one of the most important keys to our earning success online.

Fivestarptc is dedicated to providing the most trusted paid to click sites and the easiest online earning opportunities. Not all paid to click sites are worth our time, and literally almost none are worth our money (unless you really know what you are doing). However, there are a few to consider investing in as long as you do so with responsibility and full awareness of the risks at hand. Some of these paid to click sites are better known than others. This article is going to provide you with a couple of websites that are not as well known in the PTC world, for whatever reason, but are also trusted sites you can count on to pay you.

Find me another legitimate PTC website that pays you 2 cents per click and lasts 10 years

The first site on this list is Hits4Pay, more known as a PTR (paid to read) than a paid to click site, but the premise is pretty much the same. This site has been around for a long time too, which is somewhat weird how it slips underneath the cracks as far as popularity is concerned. Hits4Pay is owned by Multiple Stream Media and has been paying its members since 2001! Why is it considered a hidden treasure? Well as stated above it is not as popular as the more prominent and established PTC sites like Neobux and Clixsense. Besides the attention it may or may not receive the site has a high click rate of 2 cents per click! Every advertisement you see is 2 cents per click, not just a couple, all of them! On top of that, they have an amazing affiliate program to take part in which is two levels deep! Meaning for every person you refer (1st level), you can earn from their referrals clicks (2nd level). Earning is easy; you sign up, receive a $5.00 sign up bonus, and once your account is verified you receive emails alerting you when there are ads to be viewed. Make sure to edit your interests so that you have 15 categories selected, so that you receive the maximum amount of ads. More ads mean more money! This site has great potential because of the high click rate and possible multiple earnings through two levels of referrals. Please note that your referrals clicks are half the amount of your clicks.

Hits4Pay - Get Paid to Read Emails
When registering with Hits4Pay, you must use your real information in order to successfully activate your account

Have you heard of Ayuwage

If you haven't I wouldn't be surprised, this site has been around since 2009. What one might call a real paid to click site. Despite it's strange name, Ayuwage is one of my favorite sites. It is a little confusing when you first join, the layout is a little odd, and there are some issues with certain browsers. However, once all this is out of the way it will absolutely grow on you! Not to mention they have a very high click rate and high ad rate. You will earn a very high amount considering it is just a paid to click site, even without referrals. As a standard member, you should be able to cash out at the minimum payout of $5.00 within a month. Try that anywhere else clicking ads without referrals. If you utilize all opportunities provided to earn then cashing out at $5.00 could be possible within a day or two because of surveys, sign up offers, task work, and the live surfing feature.

Some people have kicked a little dirt on Ayuwage because of the fact that you are asked to click on advertisements, which is technically known as click fraud. If you do not properly follow directions, the warning system in place will warn you, after 3 times you face possible suspension of your account. Here is a little tip; you do not have to click on actual ads unless of course you do have genuine interest in them. Click any link on the website you view, this goes for header tabs and footer links, it all gets the job done. Make sure to wait out the timer, click your link and ex out of the page, it could not be any easier. I tend to just click on "Regular Sites" and "Search Sites" because of the high click rate associated as well as the timer making it easy to tell whether I have been on the site long enough or not. From time to time, you may receive a warning; if ever you receive two at once, just stop clicking until your warnings go away! If you follow these tips you should never have any problems.

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

How you can get 17 cents daily without referrals, just by clicking ads in under 5 minutes

The last site on this list is better known as GPT site. Nevertheless, it has a paid to click section, which earns you 15 cents daily. When you are just clicking on these sites, 15 cents a day as a standard member is quite a bit. Obviously, no one is breaking the bank here, but with time, it will add up. Of course, you can make so much more by taking surveys and completing offers on a daily basis. The site I am talking about is Fusion Cash.

This is another trusted site, and it has been around since 2005. Please note that earning in the paid to click section may be confusing at first, as there is a timer and a method in place. Simply click four categories and view each as the timer ticks down, click one advertisement during this process. Once you do this and the timer hits zero refresh and type in the proper captcha. Refresh again, and check your account. You should be credited instantly. Here's a tip, if you sign up for Fusion Cash be sure to take advantage of the paid emails by signing up for them as well. You will gain an extra 2 cents daily bringing your total to 17 free cents daily. In the PTC world as a standard member with no referrals, this is a nice chunk of change. Would you decline 17 cents a day if someone you knew handed it to you? It is free money take it. Speaking of free money, there is also a $5.00 sign up bonus! If you are interested in joining this site, look to the sign up banner below! It should be noted that unfortunately Fusion Cash is currently only for U.S. residents! Sorry to all other readers from around the world!  

Update - FusionCash has changed a few things. You cannot access the paid-to-click section unless you have a earned a total of 5 cents for that day. While this may be a minor annoyance, it is not such a bad thing. You can still earn 5 cents with minimal work by watching videos, completing task work, or listening to the radio. Unfortunately the time involved now will most likely go up. However, the time it takes to complete the daily ptc offer has been downgraded to 2 1/2 minutes, and you will make 22 cents daily instead of the prior 17 (including the paid email) . Tip - Using the radio will take 30 minutes, because you get 1 cent upon every 10 minutes of listening. This is only recommend if you do other things and let it run in the background. I like to watch as many videos that are available, and then use the task section to find something quick if needed. You can always install the toolbar which gives you up to 5 cents daily. If you have time on your hands, simply refresh the video section throughout the day. Eventually you should be able to reach 5 cents.

Fusion Cash - Make Money Online Completing Offers and Surveys
Well there you have it, some hidden treasures of the PTC world! Perhaps not the greatest hidden treasures you will ever stumble upon throughout your years earning on the internet. However, still very viable opportunities not quite as well-known as others! The most important thing is these sites are consistently paying, please be sure to check the payment proofs below.

Check out the Payment Proofs

Hits4Pay Payment Proof

Ayuwage Payment Proof

Fusion Cash Payment Proof


  1. I think that Clixsense and Neobux are the best PTC. I also use Cliksia and Incentria.

    If you want to discover other ways to make money online you can go to :

    It's in french but you have a button to translate in another language.

    Philippe Bois

  2. This guy referred me to Hits4Pay, all I can say is that it's a great site. Many people are affraid beacuse of the high €25 cashout limit, but ads come to your e-mail adress so you don't even have to log in, I've already earned €16,30!!
    You forgot to say it pays in € instead of dollars, so it has the best ad rate out there (€0.02) and the best referral comissions (€0.01)

    I reffered him to AyuWage (sadly lost my referrals due to inactivity), but the site is great... if you refresh the website few times a day you can earn more than 25 cents with ease without referrals. They also have a lot of 1 cent and 1.5 cent ads, which is a high rate in the PTC industry.

    I can't tell about the other one since I cant join as I'm from Argentina, but these two are must join websites!

  3. Thank you for your kind words Jul! Ayuwage has been great to me. I am sorry to hear about you losing your referrals! Are you still active earning online?